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Посоветуйте что-нибудь для чтения на английском. Желательно неадаптированные книги.



Вы знаете, сколько людей -столько и мнений. Трудно сказать - ЧТО почитать.
Сейчас в интернете полно литературы - вы хоть напишите в каком жанре вам интересно будет читать.  :)



ну что нибудь из серии сентиментальных романов, например  :)
а вообще все равно, что вы читали и вам понравилось.




The Sandcastle by Iris Murdoch

It is the story of a middle-aged schoolmaster (Mor) with political ambitions who meets a young painter (Rain), come to paint the Headmaster's (Demoyte) portrait. The book is about a person Bill Mor who became complicated with his feelings. He was a teacher of History and Latin. Mor was married and had two children, Donald and Felicity. He dreamt about a career of candidate. At his friends` dinner he got acquainted with Rain Carter, a young painter who depicted a portrait of Demoyte, former school director. Mor showed a town to her. T.Burke, his friend, saw them together and came to a conclusion they were lovers. Once Mor wanted to show a small river to Rain. But they strucked and Mor was very late at home. It was the first time he deceived his wife. He made up an alibi but it failed. Nan and Fella had a tour and the relations between Bill and Rain developed quickly. Rain finished a portrait but she didn't want to go away. Once they slept in Bill's house, all doors closed. But a gipsy came and Bill unlocked the door. After the gipsy Nan came. She saw Bill staying on his knees, his head in Rain's knees. Nan ran away. She went to Tim Burke. He advised her to come back as she could ruin her family. Mor was discharged by his wife. He loved Rain but he wanted to save his family. Nan wanted to believe that Bill and Rain did not have any relations. But still Mor visited Carter's exhibition and was deeply impressed with her pictures. Don wanted to climb the school-tower. He was in danger and his father saved him. Donald was expelled from school. And he did not have any opportunity to study at college. After an accident Donald ran away. When he was absent there was a party in the school. Nan praised her husband there. And after that Rain decided to come back to Paris not to ruin his career of candidate. So Nan kept her family and was really happy as her son had come back and her husband was with her.


The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham

Shallow and lost, Kitty marries the intellectual and passionate Walter Fane, a bacteriologist on leave from the Far East, who is madly in love with her. She does this purely so that she can be married before her younger sister, Doris, and to get away from her mother. They move to Hong Kong where, bored by the stifling climate and social mores, Kitty quickly starts an affair with the "perfect" Charles Townsend, the handsome assistant colonial secretary.

When Walter finds out about their affair, he gives Kitty an ultimatum. She must either accompany him to the Chinese interior to deal with a cholera epidemic, risking death, or he will divorce her, causing a scandal, unless Townsend will agree to marry her.

Kitty goes to see Townsend who betrays her badly, after previous declarations of love, by refusing to divorce his wife to marry her. Their conversation, when she realizes he doesn't really love her, takes up several chapters as Townsend's true nature is slowly revealed to Kitty. She is surprised to find when she returns home that Walter has already had her clothes packed - he knew Townsend would let her down. Heartbroken and disillusioned, Kitty decides she has no option but to accompany Walter to the cholera-infested mainland of China.

At first resentful and bitter, Kitty softens as she meets Waddington, a cynical British man living locally with a Chinese mistress and some French nuns who are nursing the sick in the cholera epidemic. Seeing the respect with which Walter is held she also begins to understand what a good man he is. She begins to help the nuns with their nursing and is humbled by the experience and their unshakeable faith. Kitty discovers she is pregnant but does not know whether her husband or Charles Townsend is the father. She cannot bring herself to deceive her husband about the paternity despite knowing it might let him forgive her.

Soon after this Walter dies in the epidemic and Kitty returns to Hong Kong where she is met by Mrs. Townsend, Charles' wife who convinces Kitty to come to stay with them - as Kitty is now mistakenly regarded as a heroine who voluntarily and faithfully followed her husband into great danger. At the Townsend house, much against her intentions, she is seduced by Charles and makes love with him one more time despite realising he is vain and shallow, much as she once was. She is disgusted with herself and tells him what she thinks of him. She returns to the UK, en route finding her rather domineering mother has died. Her father, a rather unsuccessful barrister, is appointed Chief Justice of a minor British colony in the Caribbean and she persuades her father to allow her to accompany him there where she intends to dedicate her life to her father and to ensuring her child is brought up to avoid the mistakes she had made.


A Farewell to Arms by  Ernest Hemingway

The novel is divided into 5 books. In the first book, Rinaldi introduces Henry to Catherine Barkley; Henry attempts to seduce her, and their relationship begins. While on the Italian front, Henry is wounded in the knee by a mortar shell and sent to a hospital in Milan. The second book shows the growth of Henry and Catherine's relationship as they spend time together in Milan over the summer. Henry falls in love with Catherine and by the time he is healed, Catherine is three months pregnant. In the third book, Henry returns to his unit, but not long after, the Austro-Germans break through the Italian lines in the Battle of Caporetto, and the Italians retreat. Henry kills an engineering sergeant for insubordination. After falling behind and catching up again, Henry is taken to a place by the "battle police" where officers are being interrogated and executed for the "treachery" that supposedly led to the Italian defeat. However, after hearing the execution of a Lt.Colonel, Henry escapes by jumping into a river. In the fourth book, Catherine and Henry reunite and flee to Switzerland in a rowing boat. In the final book, Henry and Catherine live a quiet life in the mountains until she goes into labour. After a long and painful labour, their son is stillborn. Catherine begins to hemorrhage and soon dies, leaving Henry to return to their hotel in the rain.

если что - обращайтесь  :) выбор неадаптированной литературы  очень большой



ого, спасибо!!
как только теперь это все прочесть  :confused:  по описанию все интересно, не знаю теперь с чего начать.



читаю The Sandcastle - нравица!! я люблю такое. А The Painted Veil - фильм есть такой - я его уже видела.



Читать нужно исключительно то- что нравится))) Я скачивал и несколько раз покупал адаптированные книги, но высоких уровней- они дополнялись аудио начиткой. Очень полезная штука, всем советую. Брал в основном издательство кембридж- как мне объяснили, по их заказу пишут современный писатели.
А из неадаптированной несколько раз покупал из серии Пингвин, достаточно дешевая серия. Но это было очень печально- мелкий шрифт, серая бумага....никогда не берите)))


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